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Owner: Knoxville School District
County: Marion
Capacity: 2000
Stadium Type: High School
Year Opened: 1938
Resource: Save Our Stadium
Track: No
Soccer: No
Video Scoreboard: No
Wheelchair Access:
Playing Surface: Grass
Ken Locke Stadium: Local Weather Conditions
Home Teams:

Knoxville High School Panthers


What is now known as Ken Locke Stadium was originally named the Knoxville Works Progress Administration (WPA) Pool and Athletic Field District. It was constructed of stone with a rustic medieval touch. The oldest structure of the stadium is the city water tower that was constructed in 1922. The landmark is now recognized by the State of Iowa Historical Society and is listed on the National Historic Registry. A priority plan has been developed to historically repair and preserve the stadium in four stages over four years. Stages may be completed sooner with successful fund raising efforts. Repairs for the first stage were completed in time for the 2007 football season.

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Knoxville High School Panthers

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